ERG Innovation
ERG Innovation - is an open innovation platform of the Eurasian Resources Group (ERG), a leading international company in mineral resources extraction and processing. We specialize on generation and implemention of the breakthrough ideas that brings added value and synergy to the core business of our portfolio companies.
Our focus
Exisitng portoflio companies
efficiency improvement
We constantly improve existing production processes of our portfolio companies as well as maxize added value of the produced products.
Mining industry new growth opportunites indentification and seizing
We are constantly loking for and testing industry breakthrough innovative technologies and products, that could generate added value and strengthen our leading position in industry.
Got an awesome business idea?
We are looking for ideas on various stages of maturity (from "unconfirmed" till "ready to be implemented"), that have potential to increase efficiency of our existing business or make a breakthrough in the entire industiry. In return, we can support you with funding, laboratory and research facilities, access to our existing facilities for testing. We can also purchase your product if it has already been tested and is ready for commercial usage.
Existing challenges
Thanks to our business, we have a number of challenges that need to be addressed. If you already have a solution, we are happy hear from you.
Our contacts